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Is this nier automata?

Loved the game. It was an interesting thought provoking game. Looking forward to seeing this game fleshed out!!!

I would have to agree with SparkyBrokenHalo. I actually really like this game concept, but it seems broken to me. I would love to come back to this game if it completes development because the game is actually beautiful. To give you an example of what I mean, I have made a short game preview of 'One' that I call Game Glances. Keep at it developers, and keep on gaming. Thanks for watching.

The game looks cool, and the concept is interesting. I really want to finish it, however the game is currenly unplayable for me. Within a few minutes, or getting too close to an agressive animal, the games slows to less than a snails pace. Changing the graffics to the lowest quality does not help.

I'm also pretty sure the attack is not supposed to be standing in front of me and jittering around.

Unfortunately I will have to shelve the game for now, but I will keep an eye out for updates.

I'm afraid I need to completely agree with you. So good, yet so broken.

Haha, the assets and art are from the unity asset store. Ive seen em all for free before.


Yes, when you're not an artist, you can use free assets...

Lol, yea I know. I'm not a great artist at all. All programming here. Just thought it was cool to see a fellow asset store user as you don't really see them super often. :)

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Hey there, that was an interesting concept with a very different ending. I was pleased to play it. 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer 

пРИкольная игрушка )))

Эту игру просто невозможно пройти! Терпения и нервов не хватает ;) 

+ Герой сам по себе умирает непонятно от чего (((